Christian Counseling Center Denton Texas

In a crisis, many people turn to their faith for support. Religion can become a great aid in recovery when dealing with serious mental illness. While turning to a pastor or priest may work for some issues, it is best to seek the help of a psychiatric hospital if depression or anxiety gets overwhelming. UBHDenton, Texas has a well-staffed Christian counseling center that is ready to help you with any mental health or addiction issue. A religious psychiatrist runs each of our Christian counseling programs to ensure your treatment is led by someone who understands your faith.

Choosing a Christian counseling center allows you to continue practicing your faith with others while you undergo treatment. This is especially important if you need inpatient care. We hold religious services for our visiting patients to attend so they can continue a routine of prayer and introspection throughout their stay. This also helps patients offer support to each other during a challenging time. By sharing your faith in our Christian counseling programs, you can discover that other people share in your struggle with addiction or other issues.

If you are not religious, our psychiatric hospital can still help. Each patient is free to join faith-based treatment programs or ones that do not address religious topics. This ensures that everyone who joins our Christian counseling programs feels enriched by the spiritual dimension of the treatment. Outpatient Christian counseling is also available. Disorders covered by our programs of treatment include depression, anxiety, addiction, multiple personalities, conduct issues, paranoia and phobias.

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