Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment Denton Texas

Everyone has a few quirky behaviors that don’t make sense to those around them, but these behaviors are easily avoided if desired. When a simple action like washing your hands or locking the door becomes a point of obsession, you may have obsessive compulsive disorder. This disorder often causes you to feel compelled to take certain actions regardless of their necessity. It is normal to wonder if you remember to turn off the gas before going to sleep, but getting up 20 times or more to check is a severe disruption. UBHDenton has a variety of compulsive disorder treatment options.

One reason many people with obsessive compulsive disorder choose our psychiatric hospital for treatment is our 24 hour support. We have a phone line available to help patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A psychiatrist or therapist is always ready to discuss a traumatic issue or help you work around a mental health issue. Our convenient Denton, Texas location makes it easy to create a unique outpatient therapy routine that fits your work and school schedule.

Hoarding Treatment Denton Texas

Obsessive and compulsive disorders can take unusual forms, such as hoarding. Hoarding refers to the obsessive gathering or purchasing of items. Many people hoard completely useless items or outright trash. Our hoarding treatment addresses the underlying obsessive behaviors that lead patients to fill their homes and leave no space for themselves. Compassionate and gradual treatment for hoarding helps patients let go of their collections without feeling threatened or disturbed.

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